Monday, 30 May 2011

Tk Maxx and Belgian Beer

It is a dangerous and potent mix when the weather is shite and the shopping and beer are orgasmic? What do you get when you mix history and shopping?

Oh well are Paul & Joe floral dresses and snakeskin pants too much? Oh well good thing I didn't buy those Dsquared2 jewelled sandals.

Time for more strawberry beer.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

When will I be famous?

Drowning in vintage clothes and thoughts, Save me the Waltz the shop, the stall, the failure...whatever you want to call it has been created! Except from the permanent calls from Barclay's about setting up a business bank account..which to be fair I am just not going to do considering they addressed the letter to Mr Connie Winning! That's strange I don't remember having a sex change.

I need to create a mood board!

Snakeskin, Fur and Teal

Positively combusting with excitement for the onslaught of A/W11/12 season. Gucci's Milan collection has me needing to automatically purchase white socks and face powder...!

Those shades of teal, mustard and purple almost glow against the backdrop of porcelain excellence. I'm going Gaga crazy bulk buying any of these shades and prints off ebay! Save me the Waltz will be open soon.