Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tell me about it....stud.

One item I have fallen in love with is Burberry's Studded Trench, and whilst this is technically a summer piece I am hoping with the lack of sunshine and temperature these past few months we may have (fingers crossed ) an Indian summer. I'm adoring the snakeskin belt too!

I cannot afford the real thing but I do intend to do some DIYing! Vintage Burberry trench's are going on ebay for next to nothing so I may as well purchase a few (well just in case something goes wrong! Which it will no doubt). This way at least I can throw in some skull and faux diamond studs and spikes.

I'm well up for rocking that fetish/glam rock trend.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Power Jumper

Ahh the humble knit! Loving Sportmax, teaming an orange poloneck with a sequin skirt pure genius.

Warm and fashionable....what a winner.

Pick and Mix

I spent yesterday flicking through Vogue grabbing inspiration from here there and everywhere. But one article/photo session had me smiling and giggling with glee. My inner child had been released. Looking like a bag of dolly mixtures I sat in amazement. This doesn't go with that and that doesn't go with this....but it fucking does! A kaleidoscope of popping candy colour...the perfect antidote to all the prim and proper secretaries and androgyny. Whilst I love all that I also want to have fun. Fedoras were felt, bright and bold, furs were glam rock explosions, shoes were neon day glows that wouldn't look out of place at an 80's ecstasy party. It's time I dusted down my old Louis Vuitton clutches and team with argyle socks, dotty trousers and parkas covered in broaches and military paraphernalia.  Oh I love it all........

You can't see my knees

Thankgod the midi skirt has returned! My thighs are now hidden from view and everyone can be thankful for that. I'm teaming mine with heels, boots, power jumpers, floaty shirts and lashings of fur.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Gender is just an illusion

Androgyny=Power which equals Sex. And Sex=Style.

Are you suited and booted for the high powered bored meeting? Working for your six figure sum on Wall Street, hypnotise your assistants into fashion envy with a freshly pressed tuxedo and crisp white shirt. Which materials...take your pick Miss. Velvet, leather, silk. Let your ankle grazers take pride of place with a pair of comfy and practical loafers so you can save your tired tootsies for cocktail hour.

Monochrome rules so accessorise with a chilled martini and cigarette. Mix it up with a sequinned bow tie, wrap around gold belt, top hat and sky high needle thin stilletos.

Style Icon: Marlene Dietrich. 

On the hippy trail

A more difficult look to pull off for Autumn/Winter but a definite mood enhancer. Start with classic basics  denim shirts and work your way up print by print. Think vintage Pucci, Snakeskin and Jumpsuits. Dress as if you were attending Coachella in the cold.

Accessories: Wide brimmed hats, suede boots and skinny belts. 

Style Icon: Nicole Richie. 

Cowboys and Indians

This is probably the easiest and simplest look to wear for AW11. Pair with your favourite jeans and add a classic Poncho and aviator shades. Remember Carrie and her photoshoot 'Single and Fabulous' explanation point! Wear with your favourite battered leather cowboy boots for trapsing around in the sleet or with frindged jackets and snake skin heels for a slightly more appopriate hour. Preflably in front of a log fire with a nice Cote du Rhone.

Accessories: A brightly coloured backpack for your day time essentials (your flask of hot tea) and a animal print clutch for your red lippy & moisturiser. No dry patches aloud.

Your style icon: Pocahontas

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Harry Potter My Arse

I'm sorry but for fucks sake. Daniel Radcliffe has now gone on record as saying I'm now giving up alcohol. What two beers and an aspirin! Piss off...you are 21 years old and also the producers son!

Friday, 15 July 2011


Even though I'm not feeling a 100% these days, a day sourcing quality vintage, retro and designer items always makes me smile. I think I'll make myself a nice mug of earl grey and read some Russian Vogue.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Charity Shop Chic

Sorry I haven't posted for a while! I have been researching, ebaying, getting inspiration from here there and everywhere. When I was living in WAG and rich people central the charity shops where riddled with designer cast offs. D&G dresses, Pucci tops, Christian Dior clogs I even managed to swindle a Mulberry bag once. Brand new, never touched, it even came with it's own dustbag for crying out loud!

I want my store to be bright, accessible, somewhere that holds parties, cocktails and cupcakes. That has designer cast offs of the vintage variety as well as retro pieces that reflect this seasons trends. I need to crack open the glue and get cutting, sticking and glittering. Understanding the power of this market you begin to realise it was inevitable why it has taken off. It's ethical, affordable, one of a kind...what's not to love? And if you can burn a few calories whilst rummaging and then put it all on again with a cocktail and a cupcake whats not to bloody love. The plan is... well I have a few interviews this week for store manager for some local charity shops. I intend to use my knowledge of my recent retail background and gain more experience within this sector. Giving it my own spin...it also allows me the cash and freedom in the meantime to bulk buy pieces for my own collection. I so hope I get it...anymore bad luck would just about finish me off.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Children of the Revolution

Arghh, have had the most fabulous idea! Instead of opening my store and forking out on ridiculous costs my shop/drinking establishment will be an underground cult! You have to be very cool to join. Right...I need to get down to the local YMCA furniture store, buy countless Judy Garland posters and purchase a cocktail bar. Oh and of course amass a great deal of vintage stock. See you soon! x

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Coloured Tights

It seems to me the ultimate accessories for the A/W 11-12 season are brightly coloured or muted pastel and milky shade tights/leggings underneath simple teddy boy or tweed suits! Fendi adequately portrayed this with layered furs, greys, burberry type patterns, t-bar shoes, hearty jumpers and belted military type parkas.

         These are eloquent sophosticated pieces with a touch of the hip brush.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Murder on the dancefloor

I do believe Sophie Ellis Bextor said that her favourite thing to do was sit with a glass of wine and hunt for vintage treasures on Ebay! I could not agree more.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Natacha Marro

Oh my god this women is a fucking genius! I'm off to buy my velvet suit and white tights rock on a/w!