Sunday, 18 September 2011

Emotional Baggage....

One of the hardest decisions I will have to make before the start of the uni year will be what bag to carry around. It has to be big enough to carry a reasonable amount of stuff but fashionable enough to last through this Autumn/Winter season. I am also guessing it is going to have to be somewhat weather proof. I am absolutely lusting after Longchamp's Pony Patch bag in the larger size...very on trend and you can't go wrong with anything from the Li Pliage range. Classic, Simple stylish... everyone should own one. The pony patch does add a new twist, I'm just worried about the rain..however this could give me a new opportunity to purchase a polka dot umbrella.

I do already own two bags that are large enough for plenty of storage and essentials. For my birthday this year back in March my parents bought me a large iBlues (famous Italian label) bag I had seen in a small boutique near to my house. I had (they had I mean) purchased it as it seemed to tick the 70's colour block trend that was rocking the SS catwalks. It's the most delicious egg yolk shade and reminds me of having deviled eggs and sparkling wine in disposable cups in a daisy field at the height of summer. It also has several front pockets which are great for keeping your lippy and eyeliner in (although in the picture below this is the view from the other side). The handle is also comfortable. This bag also has the added benefit of the 70's colour blocking trend continuing through the AW season and is also in the style of snake/crocodile print (another big trend for the oncoming season). 

I also purchased at the beginning of the year via the genius that is a Vivienne Westwood tartan bag it is definitely large enough to carry most of my bits and bobs and the print is really rocking the heritage theme gracing everywhere from Salvatore Ferragamo, to Burberry, Cacharel and House of Holland. The problem I have with this bag as opposed to other VW bags is the logo it's splashed all over the front and whilst no one should be ashamed of having a VW bag I am in two minds as I really do not like large logos unless it's something that is so in your face in an obvious sort of ironic kind of way...which I guess it is. Maybe it was one of those ideas that seemed really good at the time.

Who knew choosing a bag could be so bloody difficult!

Friday, 16 September 2011


God I know it's a been a while and yes I have lambasted myself with the notion 'fair weather' blogger. But believe me I have been busy.

I am back for my third year of uni next week and I am now not only panicking about my school wardrobe (it's a good thing heritage is back in) but getting things together for the shop well stall opening within the next few weeks. The good news is I will be blogging continuously the bad news is I will be blogging continuously. lol.

Well I thought it was going to cost an absolute fortune but to be honest I knew my creatively would come to light at some point. Those vintage pieces I subconsciously bought for myself that I cannot quite pull off or fit in to were obviously bought for a reason. So here I am with a handful of old Valentino, Prada, Oscar de la Renta and Escada and my loss is your gain. Pictures to come soon, alongside the inevitable website and Facebook page..., and if the above doesn't entice you then the champagne and cupcakes certainly will.

Watch this space.