Sunday, 9 October 2011


How would you describe your style?

A: Classic and Quirky.

Who are your style icons?

A: That’s a tricky one! Definitely anything Patricia Field has managed to get her creative hands on…so Carrie Bradshaw would have to up there. Gwen Stefani and Sophie Ellis Bextor for their unique take on vintage. Diane Keaton for her effortless androgyny and other actresses that like to take risks, Tilda Swinton for example.  If I follow my classic and quirky style statement then I guess it would be a mix of Coco Chanel and Nikki Minaj.

What are your favourite brands?

A: Oh there are far too many to mention. I’m having a love affair with shoe labels at the moment. Irregular Choice would be right up there they have really expanded style and price wise over the past few years and they are so unique. Each shoe is like a mini fashion explosion! You could wear the most boring of jeans but add a pair of their shoes and you could easily become a style icon. Same with Natacha Marro her shoes are amazing very pin up, burlesque yet with a hint of Marc Bolan. Clothes wise, Chanel for obvious reasons. I also like quirky labels like Gharani Stok and Allanah Hill. I adore Manoush….they had a glitter tuxedo jacket a while back that sent shockwaves down your spine. You also can’t get more out there than designers like John Galliano.

What inspires you?

A: Street photography in new and exciting places. It could be large city like Tokyo or Paris seeing how the girls and boys stand out from the crowd. Vintage stores and charity shops…I will travel around and find the most unique treasure after hours of scouring through rails of unwanted and previously loved clothing. And I love to read (well I should say look as I don’t understand the language) Korean fashion magazines especially Elle Girl the photo shoots in there are very inspiring and take me to a whole new level of creative thinking.

Your top style tip?

A: I guess it would be to dress for your shape and if you follow fashion embrace this seasons trends in a way that works for you. Not everyone can get away with Aztec inspired leggings but you could make it work with a Navajo inspired jumper instead.

Also if you want designer pieces at affordable prices use discount websites like theoutnet and and find out where your nearest dress agency is they are usually packed to the rafters with one off pieces. Don’t write off places like TK Maxx either, have a coffee ready as you will need to spend a good few hours fending off like minded bargain fashionistas who know a label when they see one.

Where do you buy your clothes?

A: Vintage stores and fairs. Occasionally ebay that’s my Friday night luxury with pizza and a few strong ales. But I love nothing more than shopping on my own and sourcing new towns and villages and raiding their charity shops. I have found amazing one off labels which the staff have not had a clue how to price correctly. But their loss is my gain, I found a full leather suit by the funky dutch leather label Arma for less than £20 a few days ago. I love the fact I can fund a new seasons wardrobe on a budget and I always stick to a limit of spending which can be very hard but it makes you use your imagination and your outfit options suddenly become bolder and alive.

Favourite fashion moment?

A: Anytime I have been in Paris or someone commenting on my style negative or positive at least I’ve got them talking.