Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The curse of the designer high street collaboration

Do you know what frustrates me more than anything? It's the day after a launch of a new 'designer' high street collaboration and everything is out of stock. Why? Those bastard bulk buyers (you know who you are) who decide they will make a quick buck by sky rocketing the price of what the item actually cost on ebay and other sites.  Surely the whole point of these collaborations is to offer people who cannot afford the cost of the real thing a bit of designer luxury on a budget? This is why I found Barbara Hulanicki's approach about her range for ASDA so refreshing.    

Her interview with Vogue in 2010 highlighted the need for simple stylish pieces at realistic and affordable prices. This dress for example is classic and should be a staple in any woman's wardrobe. Worn with flatties tights and pearls during the day and rocking out in the evening with some silver boots and a funky clutch. It's only sodding £18.00 can you go wrong?

The classic prints from the heyday of BIBA are all there too. This woman rocks saying a big fat 'fuck you' to the relaunch of BIBA at House of Frazer. Asked if it represents the true BIBA spirit her response was "No, It looks like House of Fraser. No comment,". She's right...the whole point of fashion back in the 60's was a thrift store mentality, cheap,  cheerful, something you could dress up. Today is no different, in a deep recession we simply cannot afford the bullshit prices of bulk buying bastards. Nor do I want to see carbon copy clones the day after a launch......boring. If anything my tip is to go looking at the collaborations from years ago they are dirt cheap now and remember the wise words of BH  'I want to do what I always have done - make clothes for young people living in bedsits'. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Prints rule and I'm trying to find something a little out there. Ahh back in the day...my imagination is in overdrive. I'm lusting after some vintage Kenzo at the moment, as the brand appears to be having a bit of a revival.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bring home the booties

Iris Barbee Bonner-what an effing genius. So cool...these boots are on acid baby... check her out at http://thesepinklips.com/wp/

Life on Mars

 'Space Man....I always wanted you to know'. I guess this has to be my favourite trend...a little bit of David, a little bit of leather, a sharp sprinkle of gold and silver and a lot of attitude. Who doesn't want to shine all day? My pick of the high street that will add a bit of Astrology to your day.

Steve Madden


Side lining

When I think of SS trends (Spring/Summer not the Nazi type) I think of pastel suits, Moroccan prints, sky high super friendly on my tootsies wedges and Olympic fever but I rarely take into consideration hair or make up. I've realised this for many reasons, my hair whilst polished and preened to perfection (only in the house mind you) resembles a greasy been riding on my stick Mombi (remember Return to Oz?) by around 10am. However I've heard wigs are making a comeback..??? Or just new heads in her case. Anyway I had a fringe put in a few weeks ago and tried to do a Celine and Dries Van Noten...not quite the same but I teamed it with the clash...monochrome jacket, tribal top and turquoise Hudson jeans. But my Angel Jackson bag has seen better days mind you...which is such a sodding shame as bold clutches are all the bloody rage.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Chocolate Handbags

Things I found out about Amsterdam. La Chouffee is the most delicious beer in the world. The Grey Area...no explanation needed (look it up)  15 inch black dildos (there's no need to be so greedy) fake fannys which seem to cost more than an actual shag (cost per use more economical I suppose) and happy drinking times at Cafe Belgique. The Jordann area seemed to have the most predominant concentration of vintage shops. One in particular had a focus on this seasons trends pastel dotty skirts, neopolitan ice cream loose fitted tops and bold clutches. The girls of Amsterdam have a relaxed vibe....anything goes. Stunning features (you'v seen Lara Stone right?) and are ridiculously skinny must be all the bike riding cause jesus christ they must get the munchies.