Friday, 13 April 2012

I am a material girl

My new fashion fix the Taiwanese drama Material Girl. I am going gaga over it. Colour blocking, jewel neon tones, prom dresses and outrageous statement pieces...believe me its time to take an extended break to the East. Not only does the drama join forces with Patricia Field which means the edgy glitz of Sex and the City (there are definite Carrie undertones the Grandad caps, ludicrous shoes) with a hit of preppy Gossip Girl combined with an Asian Twist. Tres Amazing.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Topshop Trends SS12

Topshop Trends SS12

Oh god I love Polyvore. I could happily spend all day saving items, mixing and matching creating new sets. I really couldn't be happier. My challenge here apart from the fact I am applying for a job with the Arcadia Brand who own Topshop was to create some looks that were on trend and only using the items from the store. So here we go:

Look 1: I started with the print skirt and built it from there. I imagined skating in the sun somewhere along the beach in California. I wanted that Americana kind of vibe so from that I thought the denim crop top was a natural progression. Its sexy but not in an obvious sort of way. Along with the earrings, get your skates on tie your hair in a loose fitted bun add a dab of blusher and Vaseline and away you go.

Inspiration: Prada.

Look 2: I tried to mix two trends here, pastels and novelty. I have a bit of an obsession with coloured jeans at the moment, they are the easiest and simplest way to jazz up an outfit. I thought the ice cream cone print was very retro and very cool and very reminiscent of beach summers. The bag is great for adding another dimension with its cute print and the neon shades of the shoes and bright sunglasses just add an extra twist. This is a fun simple outfit that would be great for chilling with friends over a nice glass of wine or out shopping on a Saturday.

Inspiration: Meadham Kirchoff

Look 3: This is one my favourites. The white dress is so simple and elegant on its own. If I had the statuesque figure of a model I'd be hanging out around the Greek islands wearing bejewelled flip flops. So I thought I'd team it with these beautiful gun metal wedges which adds a metallic edge and adds some height. I added the belts to show my patriotic pride for the Olympics this summer and too hit into that Sports Luxe kind of vibe. And if it got cold I'd add a blue and white cardi for a nautical look or a battered black leather jacket for more of a rock and roll twist.

Inspiration: Amanda Wakeley

Look 4: There are so many different trends going on here its hard to know where to start. The leggings sort of grabbed my attention and I wanted to find another print that clashed with it but in the right sort of way. This look is sort of too cool for school, its kind of Out of I Africa living on a big plantation having showers outside and watching the stars in a rocking chair from the porch. A definite on safari look. I think the silver shoes  provide a neutral backdrop to the far our prints. I also picked the clutch as it reminded me of vintage Versace.

Inspiration: Burberry. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Getting Carried Away

I don't know about you but I think this is a franchise that has gone on a little too long and without the genius that is Miss Field I don't know whether I will be tuning in just for the shoes or vintage dresses. I do think the casting of AnnaSophia Robb was the right decision, Blake Lively being too 'polished' to take on the role. Here are some pictures of young Carrie on set. I can see the style evolution taking place but I think the looks maybe a little too clich├ęd? What do you think?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Le parfum d'une femme

Can I do you choose a scent? Do you have a classic that you go to again and again? Or do you try out new smells and aromas.?

I am still slightly bizarred (yes I know that probably isn't a word) by the whole fragrance picking experience. I was never the person to accumulate masses of cardboard with stale odours and think 'this is the one', they all seem to end up smelling the same. I think people are subconsciously swayed by memory. One of my favourite day fragrances is L'Occitane's Rose des 4 Reines. Roses evoke many memories for me particularly that of my late Grandmother. She never actually used fragrance but collected a great deal of soaps which were always still in their beautiful packaging and she hid them in her chest of drawers. When she died I was given a great deal of them where I now do the same. When I take out my clothes I get a waft of floral freshness which reminds me of her beautiful smell. L'Occitane's Rose perfume also entices me for its exotic rose aromas (that of Morocco and Turkey) which send me to the bazaars of Marrakech sipping mint tea with the snake charmers.   

'Shalimar'. I've always been a Guerlain girl. My mums signature was Mitsuko and whenever I smell that I know shes around.. :-). Shalimar was launched in it's a classic. It also has floral scents but its the jasmine I love. I feel like a maharajah when wearing it. I am surrounded by spices but it was its exotic history and beautifully shaped bottle that enticed me. 

Everyone needs a Chanel perfume don't they? I love No.5 but its too obvious for me. I am slightly offbeat and rebellious and I like musky tinges to the skin and love it when people remark 'what's that smell' hours after I've spritzed it on. I love No.19. I wear this when I want to feel sophisticated, a lady who lunches and quaffs champagne on a daily basis. 

What are your signature scents?